Lesson Plans

Unit 1 — Are you a pest?

The pest project

By completing a thorough research project, students understand the impacts pest animals can have on the natural environment, the Australian economy and Australian society, including friends and family.

Feral or friend?

Students recognise the different relationships people and community groups may have when identifying and acknowledging a pest animal such as the feral rabbit.

Pest power

Students develop an understanding of the biology of a successful pest animal and apply those characteristics to their own specially created pest animal.

Unit 2 — Pest invaders

Unwelcome visitor

Students form an understanding that Australia continues to be under threat from the invasion of new pest animals.

Food for thought

Students explore and understand a simple food chain based on plants and animals in Tasmania. Students then examine the affects of a pest animal invader (the fox) when introduced to the student’s Tasmanian food chain.

NOTE: This activity can be used as an introduction to a study project based on foxes in Tasmania.

Pests in the school yard

Students address the problem of pest birds in their school yard by manipulating the school environment.

Something fishy (online activity)

This scenario encourages students to explore the potentially disastrous effects aquarium fish can bring about when unintentionally introduced into a river system – an issue often misunderstood by many children and their parents.

Unit 3 — Pest problems

Trap a toad

Students research the introduction history, biology and environmental effects of the cane toad and then design a humane trap.

Magpie madness (online activity)

Students are guided by research opportunities (using computer based technologies) and a selection process to effectively deal with a swooping magpie in their neighbourhood park.

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