About Pest Tales

Despite many decades of concerted effort, pest animals that were common at the beginning of last century are still common today.

Pest Tales provides primary teachers with a complete and up to date resource which highlights pest animal species in Australia, their impact and current ways of managing the damage they inflict on the environment, economy and the general public.

This resource dispels the myth that a feral animal should be eradicated at any cost using any means available. Instead, students learn and appreciate the complexities involved in addressing pest problem issues. Students comprehend that the aim of pest animal management is to reduce the damage a pest can cause to an acceptable level by acknowledging:

A list of activities, interactive scenarios and lesson plans present teachers with strong links to current curriculum profiles.

Pest Tales supports the progression of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in the classroom by providing several web-based scenarios which engage the student through problem solving strategies based on real life situations.

Pest Tales is designed specifically for year 5 and 6 students.

Detailed lesson plans are supplied with each activity to enable teachers to suitably prepare prior to lesson time. Lesson plans provide step by step procedures, material inventory and a list of further reading points plus relevant websites for teachers ensuring a wide variety of information can be accessed to support positive student learning.

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