Unit 1 — Are you a pest?

Adobe PDF The pest project

Discover the destructive world of pest animals in Australia.

Adobe PDF Feral or friend?

Some people hate them, some people love them, some people eat them and some people keep them as pets. What do you think about Australia’s pesky rabbit?

Adobe PDF Pest power

Find out more about pest animals and then create your very own powerful pest.

Unit 2 — Pest invaders

Adobe PDF Unwelcome visitor

Can a giraffe become a pest animal in Australia? Complete this activity and you might be surprised by the answer.

Adobe PDF Food for thought

Discover food chains and what happens when a fox comes along and visits your food chain.

Adobe PDF Pests in the school yard

Work out how to stop pest birds from visiting your school yard and making a pest of themselves.

Something fishy (online activity)

Is it really a good idea to let your pet fish go in the river? Find out how to stop your pet goldfish turning into an alien.

Unit 3 — Pest problems

Adobe PDF Trap a toad

Get to know your toad and design a toad friendly trap.

Magpie madness (online activity)

Oh no it’s magpie swooping season again! What should you do if your friendly neighbourhood magpie suddenly decides to swoop you?

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